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lucie koldova furniture

These shelves by prague based designer Lucie Koldova are indicative of the delight that can be achieved by custom-designed shelving.  While at first appearing asymmetrical, on second look there is actually a strict geometry involved in the composition.


medicine cabinet detail

A minimalist medicine cabinet detail consisting of a simple mirrored plane which slides on a rail to reveal a hole in the wall for the cabinet which is left as unfinished exposed concrete.   Certainly not for everyone, but one has to admit it is consistent with the philosophy of minimalism.  From an article in Dwell magazine.



grohe veris

duravit starcke bathtub

Philippe Starcke designed bathtub, manufactured by Duravit.

Chinese made drywall is corroding metal and making people sick. 

Chinese Drywall



You raise your sledgehammer with hesitation, and you are not alone. There are some among us who say my vision is too radical, that the living room and kitchen can never be peacefully unified. There are some among us today who say I should fix the roof and get a new box spring before wasting money on unnecessary remodeling. But to those who oppose the advancement of a modern design scheme, I say only this: “Let them come to my next dinner party.”


This house in Melbourne, appears “normal” from the street, but from the back, an extreme cantilever is revealed …