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Category Archives: Green Design and Products

0809b_EH_EC_Sloan_8_tcm14-197840Many green design enthusiasts are aware of greywater systems (using non-potable water where filtered drinking water is not required, for example in irrigation or flushing of toilets), but have considered the design and construction to be complicated and expensive.   Sloan Valve company has developed a system that captures lavatory water and diverts it into the toilet tank for flushing, saving as much as 5000 gallons of water per year.


puck led cabinet lights kichlerKichler has created its Design Pro line of LED lighting to be used in an undercounter application in kitchens.  Product could also have retail uses.   The light source (lamp) is said to operate without failure for 20 years.

0809b_EH_EC_Cosentino2_2_tcm14-197798ECO™ by Cosentino is a durable surface made of 75% recycled content composed of post-industrial or post-consumer materials and is bound by an environmentally friendly resin which comes in part from corn oil. ECO by Cosentino is also an ideal substitute for natural or engineered stone.

ecorock drywallEcorock Drywall from Serious Materials is made from 80% recycled materials, making it a great choice for projects in which sustainable design is a priority.


Klip Biotechnologies manufactures 4′ x 8′ exterior sheathing called ECOCLAD made from recycled paper with a resin coating.  It is available in various wood grain finishes.