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sfDownload a copy of a popular 2010 report on real estate from the Urban Land Institute.

The report highlights San Francisco as one of the top markets in the country for profit potential.

San Francisco: Despite its formidable barrier to entry attributes, this 24-hour gateway will take investors on a ride of volatile pricing, occupancies, and rents. An expanding regional tech industry, fed by nearby Silicon Valley, should help. The report ranks this city one of the top buys for apartments, warehouse, office and hotels.



This house in San Francisco was listed for sale recently at $18 million,  current asking price is $13.9 million.  It features a retractable roof.  The site was made available to Frank Lloyd Wright to design a house,  possibly the Morris House (same family as Morris giftshop).   I’m unclear if this house is actually a Frank Lloyd Wright design or not.



Original Frank Lloyd Wright design for the site.

Original Frank Lloyd Wright design for the site.