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0809b_EH_EC_Cosentino2_2_tcm14-197798ECO™ by Cosentino is a durable surface made of 75% recycled content composed of post-industrial or post-consumer materials and is bound by an environmentally friendly resin which comes in part from corn oil. ECO by Cosentino is also an ideal substitute for natural or engineered stone.


ecorock drywallEcorock Drywall from Serious Materials is made from 80% recycled materials, making it a great choice for projects in which sustainable design is a priority.

gessi showerhead

This showerhead claims to provide such strong waterpressure that an aching back can be completely rejuvenated.  Certainly this is the holy grail of showerhead design.  On the other hand, one would imagine it would dispense a large quantity of water – a limited resource.  LINK.

Spark modern fires has a product line of indoor and outdoor linear burners.  Shown is their Linear Burner outdoor system.


The avante collection from clopaydoor is minimal, and works well with modernist designed homes.