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Thermasol is one of the premiere brands in the manufacture of equipment required for steam showers.  Their website is a wealth of information regarding their products, and industry practices. 




Steam showers make a luxurious addition to the higher end bathroom.













Wet rooms are fast becoming the most desirable solution for up market shower spaces
and it’s easy to see why.The sleek lines and minimal materials suit the trend for
contemporary bathroom design and wetrooms provide the ultimate space and freedom
for a luxurious shower.With beauty comes practicality: wetrooms provide safe
access for all the family as there is no step up into the shower and cleaning
is a breeze as there is no glass enclosure to look after. 

A wetroom is a room that is completely tanked, this means the floor and walls are
waterproofed to prevent leaking and to allow the entire space to act as a shower
area.The floor is tiled and slopes down to a grating which covers the drain; in
some cases a minimal glass screen is used to define the shower zone and
prevent splashing over into other areas where there is a basin or a toilet.

0809b_EH_EC_Sloan_8_tcm14-197840Many green design enthusiasts are aware of greywater systems (using non-potable water where filtered drinking water is not required, for example in irrigation or flushing of toilets), but have considered the design and construction to be complicated and expensive.   Sloan Valve company has developed a system that captures lavatory water and diverts it into the toilet tank for flushing, saving as much as 5000 gallons of water per year.

gessi showerhead

This showerhead claims to provide such strong waterpressure that an aching back can be completely rejuvenated.  Certainly this is the holy grail of showerhead design.  On the other hand, one would imagine it would dispense a large quantity of water – a limited resource.  LINK.

Milo Glass Bathtub from WS Bath Collections



Japanese Ofuro Bathrub,  from Sea Otter Woodworks

Chromatherapy is a holistic health concept that believes that colored light has therapeutic effects.  Even more important than seeing the light may be the effect of the colored light rays as they come directly into effect with the body.    The SOK fixture by Kohler incorporates chromatherapy by means of LED lights.



Below are two images of asian themed bathrooms.  Both emphasize simplicity.

The first is more chinese in character, the second is more japanese. 

Asian chinese